Dress Top
-35% sale
Voila Rosewood & Off-white Crepe Printed Top Rs. 3,835.00 Rs. 5,900.00
•Fabric Crepe, •Rosewood & Off-white Printed Full Sleeve Top, •Comfort fit styling, •Hip length delicate top, •Breathable ecofriendly textile, •Garment length 104cms
-35% sale
Sia Rosewood and off-white 4 Tier Midi Dress Rs. 6,384.30 Rs. 9,822.00
•Fabric - Crepe,  •Rosewood and off-white Sia midi 4-tier dress, •Color - Rosewood/Off-white, •Dress is sold individually, •Garment length 127cm 
-35% sale
Ned White and Rosewood Cotton Embroidered Maxi Dress Rs. 9,100.00 Rs. 14,000.00
•Fabric - 100% Organic Cotton, •White and Rosewood Ned Embroidered Maxi Dress, •Color - White/Rosewood, •Dress Is Sold Individually, •Garment Length 118cms
-35% sale
Antonella Cotton Embroidered Midi Dress Rs. 6,435.00 Rs. 9,900.00
•Fabric - Cotton, •Mocha Embroidered Dress, •Comfort fit silhouette, •Contemporary meets ethnic flavor, •Supporting all-natural sustainable living, •Garment front length 107cm Back Length 114cms    
-35% sale
Anjela White & Rosewood Embroidered Midi Dress Rs. 8,775.00 Rs. 13,500.00
•Fabric-soft double cotton, •White & Rosewood Anjela cotton embroidered midi dress, •All over embroidered dress, •Calf length midi with shell buttons, •Product sold individually, •Garment front length 107cm, Back Length 114cms